Offering driveway and patio cleaning services throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.



Welcome to I.T.G Driveways


I.T.G Driveways are an independent cleaning company offering all forms of external cleaning to clients throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Our services include driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, wall and path cleaning, monoblock cleaning, paving slab cleaning, decking cleaning,  and the cleaning and resealing of imprinted concrete.

At I.T.G we can help you achieve a driveway or patio you can be proud of. Using specialist cleaning equipment, your outdoor area can look as good as new.  I.T.G offer our professional cleaning services to homeowners just like you throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Over time many of our outside surfaces can start to show wear and tear, whether that be oil stains, moss, weeds, lichen or just a general build up of dirt.  And unfortunately domestic cleaners just cannot bring these surfaces back to their original condition.

But luckily for you, our equipment can clean even the hardest of stains, making your outside areas usable once again.  Colours that were once hidden underneath layers of build up, appear brighter.  And apart from improving the appearance, cleaned patios, paths and driveways are far safer too.  A build up of grime can make it slippy underfoot, so it is always a good idea to get your outside areas professionally cleaned.  We are a small business dedicated in providing the best service possible.







 If you would like to talk to us about your requirements, then please just get in touch - we offer a free no obligation quote service. We can arrange a suitable time to meet and discuss your wishes, and if you decide to go ahead with your plans, we will arrange a date that is convenient for you for the job to start.  Many of our projects can be completed within a day -  just one day to get your outside areas looking their best.